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Our team has updates in the developments of engineering industry and responsive to the contemporary needs of engineering insurance. Our priority is to enlighten the client/insured about need of engineering insurance. For any industry sustainable growth is back bone to their investments. Advanced technology cannot rule out the vulnerability of small risks/incidents which increases the probability of long period of failures of production. It is not possible totally to eliminate the accidents thus, there is a need of protection against the prolonged period of interruptions.

Engineering insurance on projects is taken to safeguard the risks sudden/ unforeseen loss or damage occurring due to fire, Flood &Cyclone, Earth Quake, Theft Burglary Terrorism, lack of skill, Human Error, Negligence , Malicious Acts, Human Error, Bad workmanship involved in civil constructions and installation of machinery equipment etc., done by the contractors on a project cites. The construction phase insurance policies are called ‘one time policies” or period policies as listed below:


  • Contractors All Risk Policy (CAR)
  • Erection All Risk Policy (EAR)
  • Marine-cum- Erection Insurance (MCE)
  • Storage-cum- Erection Insurance (SCE)
  • Contract Plant and Machinery Insurance (CPM)
  • Contract Works insurance (CW)
  • Advance Loss of Profits (ALOP) or Delay in Start up Insurance (DSU)


Breakdown risks of machinery and Equipment whilst in operation are also covered by suitable insurance. The following are the insurances which policies are issued annually.

  • Machinery Breakdown Policy (MBD)
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)
  • Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance (BPP)
  • Deterioration of Stocks Insurance (DOS)
  • Civil Engineering Completed Risks Insurance (CECR)
  • Machinery Loss of Profits (following Machinery Break Down and/or Boiler Explosion)
  • Boiler Explosion Insurance (MLOP)

Besides the above basic insurance, various add on covers such as Third Party Liabilities, Maintenance and Extended covers including instalment premium facilities are available subject to Terms and Conditions.

The Engineering insurance policy can be taken from the inception of the Project till the commissioning (starting commercial production of the project). The policy period provides coverage as per the requirement of contractor / insured / project period.

Our expert Engineering and Technically Qualified team is ready to provide suitable insurance solutions for any of the projects taken by you.

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