Fire Insurance

Fire insurance covers loss or damage to your property due to Fire, Riot Strike, Flood & Cyclone, Earth Quake etc, perils. The property insurable under the policy are such as Buildings, Plant & Machinery, Equipment, Stocks of Trade, Godowns, Residential Houses, Buildings and contents of Shops, Offices, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals etc., whether own or leased by insured

Fire and allied perils damage can be destructive. One should ensure that the fire insurance taken for your property should fully provide coverage against the damages. Whether it's a minor or a major damage, make sure that you have fully insured under fire insurance coverage for repair or replacement of damaged property.

A variety of policies are in the market in fire insurance such as Declaration policy (for stocks having fluctuation in stock/stock value), Floater policy ie coverage of stocks in different locations under single policy, Reinstatement value policy for Buildings, Plant and Machinery wherein the Value of property is to be declared, shall be the cost of reconstructing/replacing/reinstating the property etc., The special feature of the Reinstatement policy is no depreciation is applied on the loss in the event of claim.

Taking upon the basic coverage under the fire policy, you can have add on covers applicable to the property such as Flood & Cyclone risks, Earth Quake risks, Increased limits of Architects and Surveyors Fee, Spontaneous Combustion risks to stocks, Impact Damages to your property by your vehicles, Deterioration of value stocks and contamination risks etc.

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