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A claim is a formal communication to an insurance company asking for payment against the loss or damage happened to the insured or the insured property based on the policy terms and conditions. It is a demand made by the insured person or the beneficiary to pay the claim amount in case of happening to the insured person or property (partial or full) due to an incident as defined in the policy. The person making the claim has to submit relevant documents to establish the validity of the claim as per the policy.

The process would require a certain time and it needs to be structured properly to ensure acceptance of the claim. The insurance company, if find the claim valid, would pay the amount and settle the claim. In case if the documents submitted by the claimant are not valid, the insurance provider may ask for further clarification.

Claim when filed appropriately, can be settled with ease, if not it may delay the process. Apex Insurance is experienced in claim settlements mainly due to the awareness of the insurance claim process. Our experts can help you with the entire process and represent your claim with the insurance company. For any claim, you may consult our expert team by providing below details “without prejudice”.

Policy details: Details of the person or property covered, period, type of policy, coverage, and sum insured.

Contact person: Contact details of the person to communicate the further requirements, if any or update on the claim.

Details of Loss: Details of loss of an insured person or property (partial or full), date of loss, estimated amount, surveyor appointment, property repaired/replaced, etc.

Status of claim: The details of claim status have to be shared with Apex executive in case if the claimant has already applied for the claim with the insurance company. These details may include, acknowledgment by the authority, the do’s and don’ts as informed, whether the documents are in support of the claim, and any further expectations from the claim.

Due to our long-term business relations, Apex shares a superior relationship with all the insurance providing companies and we exploit them to provide better services to our clients. Do get in touch with us by filling the following information:

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