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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

“Health is wealth.” We must have read this many times in our life but how often we believed it! When we are healthy, we can do anything, we can earn our livelihood, go on a holiday, live our life comfortably. But what if we have to experience any unpredicted health issues. Our negligence towards health may not be the only problem, there are several other issues like an emotional burden, accident, pollution, infection, etc. that may also result in severe health issues, to the extent that we may have to get hospitalized, resulting in unexpected high financial loss. Health insurance protects the hospitalization expenses.

In spite of various health-related measures by the government, liberalized private health services and technological development in health are increasing the cost of health maintenance. Recovering from sickness has become expensive that many people are not able to afford it which is eventually leading to a high amount of debts. Health insurance is therefore essential to overcome sickness without burdening yourself with unplanned financial expenditure. In the absence of medical insurance, you may face a fiscal burden for you and your family.

Few common features of health insurance are

  • Health insurance, in general, covers the cost of the insured person’s medical, surgery and hospitalization expenses.
  • Few health insurance policies also cover pre and post medical expenses of hospitalization.
  • All pre-existing diseases are not covered and covered followed by few renewal years by the health insurance policy.
  • The premium amount differs based on age and pre-existing abnormalities or diseases like diabetic, blood pressure, etc.
  • The entire family can be covered under one single policy as per the insurance scheme.
  • In the case of hospitalization, the insurance provider will bear the expenses, subject to conditions.
  • If the hospital is not listed under the service coverage of the insurance company, then the company will reimburse the money asap.

Few of the different medical insurance policies are

  • Individual mediclaim
  • Group mediclaim
  • Floater medical claim
  • Senior citizens medical insurance policy
  • Critical health insurance policy

A variety of health insurance is available in the market and you need expert advice to buy a policy that will give you the best coverage to you and your family. Apex Insurance has a dedicated team to work and assist the policyholders in terms of policy issues, renewal, claims, etc. You can get in touch with us for the best health insurance product immediately to..

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